The 2016 Early Bird Catches the Worm…

Happy New Year from Earthlink Design.

Do you remember the last time you updated your website. Looking back it’s probably been longer then you remember. How is it still functioning? Just kidding, but seriously what’s been stopping you? Maybe you’re concerned about the cost? Maybe you think that your website is doing fine.

Perhaps some of the reasons and benefits of redesigning your website below might offer you some food for thought.

While it is difficult to predict the precise benefits of a website redesign, your brand new website could yield a greater search engine ranking, generate greater interest from potential buyers, partners and customers and bring you more fans.

So, why should you consider having your website redesigned? Here are ten perfect reasons.

Benefit #1: Google, Google, and Google.

Google’s search algorithms have been updated to focus more on content, how good it is and how often its added or updated on your website. This is the perfect time to rewrite some of that dated content. We often see a positive change in search rankings as a result of a website redesign.

Benefit #2: More trust from customers.

Just as fashion trends change so does website design. A website makeover will have your customers taking you more seriously as your website will accurately represent your business and you will look better.

Benefit #3: Greater exposure from a responsive design.

Firstly what is responsive design? Responsive design allows your website to be automatically resized to fit screens of any size, no matter what device is being used to view your website on, be it a desktop/laptop, tablet or smart phone. With mobile web use now outweighing PC use how many customers are you pushing away because your site doesn’t work on their iPhone?

Benefit #4: Improved user experience.

Designing your website for a better user experience is as important as getting your site rankings higher in Google. Your customers are human and difficult navigation, hidden contact information etc. can be frustrating. Your redesign can improve user experience by removing any visual clutter and showing people exactly where to click, how to order and how to contact you.

Benefit #5: Increased social sharing.

Placing social sharing buttons on your website with content that is relevant and a design that is user friendly just makes sense. Now that your site looks and functions well your web users will want to share your site with their friends on Facebook or Twitter, pin it on Pinterest etc. Having other people promoting you does wonders for your credibility.

Benefit #6: Faster load times.

How many times have you left a website because it took too long to load. We all do it. The way we code a website has changed dramatically over time and optimisation of code and other content delivery methods as well as potentially changing web hosts can increase your site load times and keeps your customers happy not to mention helping your Google credibility.

Benefit #7: Better sales.

A website redesign is all about improving your business and that includes getting your website in front of the right customers, drawing them in, getting them to stay and either getting them to place an order, contact you about a service or turning them into a fan who will spread the word about you. Your website redesign is more then making your site look different. Think of it as a tool to help your business get to where you want it to go.

Benefit #8: Stay ahead of the competition

Is your competition outshining you? It does not matter what industry your in, whether you offer services or products, if your competition looks better than you then you could be missing out on a sale.

“75 percent of users admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website’s design.”Stanford University

Benefit #9: Morale boost.

A new website can have a greater impact then attracting new customers and increasing sales. It can improve how your employees and potential employees feel about the business. An old website can make the business feel out-dated. By redesigning your website you’re sending the message to your staff and customers that your business is moving forward.

Benefit #10: Brand consistency.

Has your brand or the face of your brand changed since the last time you designed your website? When your brand advertising and website don’t match you create a disjointed brand message and confuse your customers. Redesigning can align your website with your overall brand presence.

A new website offers more benefits to make it worth the process and the cost.

If you think it’s time to redesign your website we would love to hear from you and have chat to you about your online marketing strategies.

I thought I would leave you with some thoughts from our friends at Those Girls. If they look familiar you might remember them as being a successful participants in Shark Tank,

“I highly recommend Earthlink Design for everything to do with web design. I’ve searched endlessly for a web design company that I can trust, and when I was introduced to Andrew from Earthlink Design, all my website prayers were answered! They make the whole website process seamless and easy, are there to answer all your questions, can work to meet specific requirements and go above and beyond, every single time. Earthlink Design creates websites that are affordable with quick turn around time and great designs. And the best thing is they are based in Melbourne, so I could actually meet the developers working on my site! I am a returning customer, would definitely refer others and will keep using Earthlink Design for all my web needs.”

Elena Andoniou
Those Girls Iced Tea

“Absolutely LOVED working with Andrew and the team at Earthlink Designs. They really know their stuff and made the whole process easier than I thought possible. I had no idea about creating websites but Earthlink were a great help and provided great insight and guidance. I would gladly use them again & highly recommend them.”

Lauren Davie
Those Girls Iced Tea