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Looking for a company that won’t overcharge and give you a great ROI? Its time to talk to Earthlink Design and let us help you convert customers and worry less about affordable SEO & digital strategy.


We make it easy for small business to find customers in Australia. Our goal is to get your products and services on the 1st page of Google and visible to your customers before your competitors do.


No long-term contracts, no setup fees, no surprises; monthly reporting is included, and yes we can come to you.


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  • Deluxe Package

  • $1,195/month

    • 15 Keyword Terms
    • Key pages HTML optimised (Yes)
    • Great For Beginners
    • Very Affordable
    • Progress Reports Each Month
    • Email Support
    • Minimal Link Building and
    • Offline Optimisation
    • GST INC

  • Ultimate Package

  • $1,495/month

    • 20 Keyword Terms
    • Key Pages HTML Optimised (Included)
    • A good number of Keywords supported
    • Great SEO value
    • Progress Reports Each Month
    • Email Support
    • Medium Link Building
    • More and SEM Optimisation
    • Social SEO Included
    • GST INC

  • VIP Package

  • $1,995/month

    • 30 Keyword Terms (Best Value)
    • Key Pages HTML Optimised (Yes)
    • Content Articles Supplied
    • Full Offering Of Service
    • Best Value For Business
    • Gets You The Most Traffic and Clicks
    • Complete Offering For Link Building
    • Offline & SEM Optimisation
    • Full Offering Of Social
    • GST INC



Get your website found on the Internet using Google simply and easily by applying natural GOOGLE approved search engine techniques. SEO techniques are good for your website’s health because basic site code structures are updated with minor modifications to help correct and optimise things such as:


  • Metadata (the code describing your pages to Google)
  • Image names (so search engines know what your site is about)
  • Code practices (make it easier for Google to rank you)
  • Load times (don’t make people wait – Google hates that)
  • Social listings (we need to show the community you’re an expert)


Thus, your pages are visible to search engines in the way they want them seen.




We make small incremental improvements over a period of a few months which results in healthy performance in organic search results. We have devised methodologies, strategies, techniques and tactics to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search engine results page (SERP) of a search engine – including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.


We do link building properly, we target where the customers are, track your keywords and work with you to get your customers finding you, so you don’t need to chase them.


You don’t have to worry about any long term lock-in contacts, our mandatory initial period is one month with a 30-day notice period. We also don’t undertake “set and forget tactics” so we are always innovating your SEO and ensuring you’re on top and have the leading edge over your competitors.

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