The Providores Table

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Client: The Providores Table

Brief: After designing the brand for The Providores Table it was time to move onto the website. The website needed to incorporate a shopping cart for products with online payment. Beyond the product sales, the website also needed to be able to list and register cooking schools.

Solution: The challenge we had was to bridge the shopping cart with the event booking facility. This bridge would then enable the client to utilise the single checkout system, have the users synchronised between the two systems and even allow gift vouchers to be used across both the shopping cart and event booking system. We not only managed to successfully build the website to the clients specifications we were able to run a seamless integration where the end user does not even detect the two software technologies acting as one.


  • The package of the website and the brand have received a lot of  great feedback.
  • A responsive eCommerce website.
  • Seamless integration of online store and event registration.

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